Hey, this is Yuan.
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Yuan is a founding engineer at Akuity . Previously, he was a senior software engineer at Alibaba Group , building AI infrastructure and AutoML platform. He's a co-chair of Kubeflow , maintainer of TensorFlow and Argo , PMC member of XGBoost and Apache MXNet , as well as author of numerous open source projects . He authored three machine learning books and several impactful publications. He's a regular speaker at various conferences and technical advisor, leader, and mentor at several organizations.

唐源,现任 Akuity 创始工程师,此前任 阿里巴巴集团 技术专家,专注于建立 AI 基础架构和自动机器学习平台。 他是 多个开源软件 的作者, XGBoost Apache MXNet 项目管理委员会 成员, Kubeflow 的联合主席,以及 TensorFlow Argo 的 Maintainer。 唐源著有 3本机器学习书籍以及多篇有影响力的论文 。 他不定期地在不同的技术会议上 发表演讲。 同时也是多个 公司和开源组织 的技术顾问、团队 Leader、以及导师。

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