Hey, this is Yuan.
The more you give, the more you receive. 给予越多,收获越多。

Yuan is a senior software engineer at Ant Group , building AI infrastructure and AutoML platform. He's a PMC member of XGBoost and Apache MXNet , co-chair of Kubeflow , committer of TensorFlow , Couler , and ElasticDL , as well as author of numerous open source projects . He's also the co-author of TensorFlow in Practice and Dive into Deep Learning (with TensorFlow) .

唐源,现任 蚂蚁集团 技术专家,目前专注于建立 AI 基础架构和自动机器学习平台, 是 多个开源软件 的作者, XGBoost Apache MXNet 项目管理委员会 成员, Kubeflow 的联合主席, TensorFlow Couler 、以及 ElasticDL 的 Committer。 《TensorFlow实战》 作者以及 《动手学深度学习》 的 TensorFlow 实现作者。

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