Hey, this is Yuan.
The more you give, the more you receive.

I am currently working as a data scientist at Uptake in Chicago, IL. I work closely with software engineering and data science teams, focusing on building our scalable data science platform to enable data scientists to build, deploy, and monitor our models that run in real-time.

Meanwhile, I am an active contributor to numerous open-source softwares, including TensorFlow, XGBoost, MXNet, etc. I also work part-time at RStudio as a software engineer, dedicating to open-source R community in the field of machine learning. Please check out my projects page and Github page for more information.

Before joining Uptake, I was a full-time data scientist at Analytical Flavor Systems and my focus was on predictive condition monitoring and flaw detection on artisan beverages such as coffee and beer using sensory science and machine learning.

I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in Mathematics with honors. Since my senior year at Penn State, I've been a founding member of DataNovo, a legal analytics company that provides predictive insights, keywordless prior art search, and product assessment on infringement for law firms, patent attorneys, etc.

The more you give, the more you receive.

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