Hey, this is Yuan.
The more you give, the more you receive.

I am currently a senior AI platform engineer at H2O.ai, building open source scalable machine learning platform.

Before joining H2O.ai, I led a team of software engineers and data scientists at Uptake to build our scalable data science platform that allows data scientists to build, deploy, and monitor our real-time predictive models to monitor the condition of industry assets such as trains, airplanes, and wind turbines to avoid machine failures and reduce downtime. I also led all the open source initiatives within data science team.

Meanwhile, I am an active contributor to numerous popular open-source softwares, including TensorFlow, XGBoost, etc. Please check out my projects page and Github page for more information. I am also an award-winning author of best-selling book TensorFlow in Practice which is the first book teaching TensorFlow in Chinese and has becoming training material for many companies and research labs in China.

I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in Mathematics with honors. I was a founding data scientist of DataNovo where I built most of the analytics platform for predictive insights, keywordless prior art search, and product assessment on infringement for law firms, patent attorneys, etc.

My most recent CV can be found here.


目前我是 H2O.ai 的一名高级AI平台工程师。主要建立可扩展开源机器学习平台。

在加入 H2O.ai 之前,我在 Uptake 带领软件工程和数据科学团队建立可扩展数据科学平台,从而使数据科学家们能更快更好地建立,部署,和监控我们大规模的实时预测模型。我们的平台主要用来监控大型工业领域机械的健康状况,比如铁路、航空以及能源行业,以便更好的预测机械故障和避免停机现象。我也是公司所有开源项目的负责人。

与此同时,我一直积极参与开源软件的开发,包括 TensorFlow、XGBoost、MXNet等。请点击 Projects页面 Github页面了解更多相关内容。我也是畅销书 TensorFlow实战 的作者,并获得优秀作者的称号。这本书是第一本教 TensorFlow 的中文书,已成为许多中国公司和研究机构的教导材料的首选。

我从宾夕法尼亚州立大学获得荣誉数学学位。在这期间,我成为了 DataNovo 的核心创始成员,搭建了DataNovo的法律数据分析平台的很大一部分,包括专利数据挖掘、无关键字现有技术搜索、策略推荐等。