Sponsoring My Open Source Efforts through GitHub

Posted by Yuan Tang on November 19, 2019

Hi everyone! I recently opened my GitHub Sponsors page. Your support would be really appreciated and would encourage my on-going involvements in the open source community! Follow my Twitter and GitHub for updates!

What projects am I working on?

I (co-)authored the following open source projects grouped by area:

In addition, I am a Project Management Committee (PMC) member of the following two projects:

  • XGBoost where I maintain the Python and R packages.
  • Apache MXNet where I co-authored the Scala package.

In the meantime, I am also a committer of the following projects:

  • TensorFlow where I am one of the core developers of TensorFlow Estimators and maintainer of TensorFlow I/O. I was also honored to receive the Google Open Source Peer Bonus in 2016 for my contributions to TensorFlow.
  • Kubeflow where I am the co-chair of Distributed Training Working Group and the maintainer of various Kubernetes operators.
  • Couler where I designed the unified interface and contributed to many major components of the system.
  • ElasticDL where I have designed and implemented several major components of the system.

There are also other projects that I have made non-trivial contributions to as I come across areas of improvements, namely H2O, SQLFlow, pandas, MMLSpark, Argo, etc. Please visit my projects page and GitHub page for more details.

What else am I involved in besides writing code?

How would your sponsorship support my work?

Your sponsorship will contribute directly to cover necessary expenses for developing, maintaining, and growing the projects, which includes but not limited to the following:

  • Continuous integration, cloud services, and computing resources for testing related changes.
  • Travel expenses for speaking at local meetups, universities, and conferences.
  • Domains and hosting services for project websites.
  • Licenses for various softwares that improve my work efficiency.