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An Interview with Synced (www.jiqizhixin.com) on Open-source

转自机器之心,原文链接。 这次对话中聊到了自己在开源上的经历和经验,对开源社区以及深度学习开源项目的一些想法和看法。 关于开源的一些想法 机器之心:你参与过 TensorFlow, XGBoost, MXNet 等软件项目,同时也是 Scikit Flow, ggfortify, metric-learn 的作者,可以为大家在其中挑选几个你觉得最喜爱的项目,为大家介绍一下?为什么偏爱这...

TensorFlow - Not Just for Deep Learning

A Glance at Its Machine Learning Building Blocks and Collection of Algorithms

(Chinese translation here (中文) by Xiatian) One time when I was illustrating the code base and architecture of TensorFlow to my friends, they were quite surprised by how much more code was introduc...

Building Machine Learning Estimator in TensorFlow

Understanding the Internals of TensorFlow Learn Estimators

(This blog is featured in DataScienceWeekly here and Chinese translation here (中文) by Xiatian) Have you ever wondered what’s the magic behind the tutorials on Large-scale Linear Models and Wide &a...

High-level Learn Module in TensorFlow

Seemless Integration and Changes on Scikit Flow

(This blog is featured in DataScienceWeekly here) Since Scikit Flow has been included in v0.8 as its TensorFlow Learn module, it has been under rapid development both internally and externally to ...

Introduction to Scikit Flow

A Simplified Interface to TensorFlow

(This blog is featured in DataScienceWeekly here) In November, 2015, Google open-sourced its numerical computation library called TensorFlow using data flow graphs. Its flexible implementation and...


One Line of Code to ggplot2 Popular R Packages

ggfortify 有着简单易用的统一的界面来用一行代码来对许多受欢迎的R软件包结果进行二维可视化的一个R工具包。这让许多的统计学家以及数据科学家省去了许多繁琐和重复的过程,不用对结果进行任何处理就能以 {ggplot} 的风格画出好看的图,大大地提高了工作的效率。 虽然ggfo...